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Healing Choices

 your choice to aid good health 


I would like to recommend Wendy as both a healer and a teacher, I strongly advise anyone with any interest or fascination in healing to go along to one of her courses as she is kind, patient and creates a warm homely atmosphere for us all to grow and learn.  I have now completed reiki 1 and 2 thanks to Wendy's ongoing support.


chilled out, after reiki healing....

I love these meditation CD's, - my life has been so stressful for several years now and my blood pressure is now too high, I've tried to use meditation to relax but I am not very good at doing it on my own.  These CD's are perfect for me, Wendy's calm and gentle voice guides you into deep meditation.  I feel so much better and find the relaxation they afford reaches far into the day, and in the case of the sleep CD, this one has certainly has given me a deeper better quality sleep than I have been experiencing recently.  I am a fan and will recommend them to anyone who is interested in using meditation for relaxation or as an aid to their personal journey.  Thank you for making these Wendy.


Meditation CD's

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