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Healing Choices

 your choice to aid good health 

In response to many requests, I professionally recorded and produced 3 of my own meditations and an additional one adapted for sleep.  I only have a few remaining in my Shop.

Mindfulness Meditation with Counting and Calm £8

After guiding you through relaxation, to let go of the day's stressful events, I lead you into a focus on your breath.  The additional focus of either Counting or Calm helps to keep thoughts from intervening and aids the transition into a meditative state.  With experience, such aids will not be necessary.

A Guided Journey to the Healing Garden £8

Relax and drift into peace as I guide you towards the beautiful Healing Garden.   Let go of anything you don't need to carry any more.   Sit in the garden for a while, set your mind free and enjoy wherever it takes you.  Then set free all that you have released, and watch it leave you.   Walk back, lighter, happier, noticing the beneficial changes.  Bring all that you have gained back with you, to help you in all you do in your daily life.

Drift into Deep Peaceful Sleep £6

Relax and drift into peace, as I guide you deeper and deeper into peaceful sleep.   The sound of the sea, with gentle waves rolling onto a beach, accompanies my guidance and then continues for a while after I leave you helping you to drift ever deeper.  I don't bring you back from this one - I leave you to gain all the benefits of a really good night's sleep.

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