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Healing Choices

 your choice to aid good health 

Meditation is not difficult, and is very enjoyable!

Meditation is an invaluable aid for coping with the demands of hectic lifestyles.  Maintaining a calm, balanced approach to life's challenges also helps us to enjoy them!

Meditation promotes a calm, tolerant disposition

with a greater understanding and appreciation of oneself and others.

Meditation has many clinically proven benefits including The Relaxation Response which:

  • lowers heart rate
  • lowers respiration
  • lowers blood pressure
  • lowers metabolic rate
  • and prompts beneficial changes in brain chemistry

                                    Meditation can also, for example: 

  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Increase concentration
  • Aid pain management
  • Aid emotional control including anger management
  • Assist emotional clearing and healing
  • Aid will-power and life-changing decisions
  • Help to solve or resolve problems
  • Support healing of any problem
  • Support personal and spiritual growth

Relaxation and Meditation for Mums-to-Be

can also help with:

  • Relaxation (with all the clinically proven benefits) during pregnancy, for mum and baby
  • Relaxation and pain management during labour and birth
  • Coping with your new baby, and all the demands on you as a mum
  • Enjoying all aspects of life with your baby!
  • and
  • IT ALSO HELPS DADS-to-Be, to relax, help their partner through pregnancy, labour/birth and to enjoy family life afterwards.

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