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Healing Choices

 your choice to aid good health 

USUI REIKI 1 (1st Degree)

During this 2-day, intensive course you will be attuned to Reiki energy and will learn the hand positions and techniques to enable you to heal yourself, family, friends, animals and even plants. 

Reiki I gives you the basis for all further levels of training.  You will have the ability to use Reiki energy for life; you will have, or be, Reiki forever.

USUI REIKI II (2nd Degree)

During this 2-day, intensive course you will learn to work and heal on a deeper level, amplifying the energy you already use. Three of the Usui Reiki symbols are given to you to use; you are taught their meanings and uses, and how to activate them to use their energy.  

Reiki II gives you Practitioner status; you are able to gain insurance so that you can offer Reiki healing in return for monetary payment. Ethical guidelines for practice are discussed during this course.

USUI REIKI III (3rd Degree)

This is taught in 2 parts, over a total of 4 intensive days.  Many people work at Practitioner level for some time before going on to acquire Master status.  If you do not want to teach and pass Reiki on to others, you need only complete Part I.

Part I

This level gives you Reiki III Practitioner status, and enables you to work and heal on an even deeper level.   You will be given the rest of the Usui Reiki symbols and will learn their meanings, energies and uses.   This will develop and extend both your healing and your own spiritual awareness as it offers the opportunity to work on higher planes of consciousness.

Part II

This level gives you Master status. You learn how to attune and pass on Reiki to other people.  The use of the word "Master" for a teacher honours the sacred tradition of Reiki.

REIKI IV (Advanced)

This is an optional course, which offers different skills to take you to an even higher level of healing and consciousness.   It is taught over 2 very intensive days.  If you are considering going on to learn Karuna Reiki®, this course is very helpful as it raises the frequency and vibration of your energy so that the next rise, to the level of Karuna, is less and you adapt more easily.


This is an option for those who have gained at least Usui Reiki III Practitioner, or Master level if they wish to also teach Karuna Reiki®, and preferably Advanced Reiki.


This course is taught over 2 very intensive days, and gives Practitioner status.  You are attuned to the 8 Karuna symbols, and learn their energies and complex uses.


Minimum requirement; Usui Reiki Master and Karuna Reiki® Practitioner I and II.

This course is taught over 2 very intensive days, and takes you to Master-Teacher level.  You learn how to attune others to Karuna Reiki® energy, and how to teach to both Practitioner and Master level. 

Successful students are registered with the International Center for Reiki Training in the USA.

Only Registered Karuna Reiki® Masters can teach and register their students.

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