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Healing Choices

 your choice to aid good health 


Reiki is a gentle system of natural healing that can be learned and used by anyone. It does not require any "special" abilities.

However, due to the close contact required, I usually set a minimum age at 14 years.  Parental consent is obviously required for any student to join a course.

Reiki is appropriate for all students, across the academic spectrum.  I have taught groups in which students with SEN and others on the Gifted Programme have learned together, with wonderful results. Parents have reported very positive changes in their children - as well as how much they

enjoy receiving Reiki from them!

Learning Reiki promotes inclusion, as well as also self-esteem and confidence.

Learning Reiki offers a vocational skill, with the possibility of using this in self-employment in the future.   My certificates are accepted, along with a subsequent Reiki II qualification, by insurance companies to give professional and public liability cover for public practices.  Reiki offers a very useful, if "alternative", option within the extended curriculum. 

Reiki gives an invaluable aid for health and wellbeing, for life.  Students achieving Reiki I can use it for themselves, their family, friends, pets and even plants.  Teachers who attend the lessons, to be with their student groups, receive all this as a gift as I include them in everything that we do.

Another option is to run an Introduction to Reiki course, which is shorter (and obviously cheaper).   This gives information, attunement to Reiki, the ability to self-heal and give a short healing to someone else.

All of my courses can be incorporated into curriculum timetables, run as extra-curricular activities, as options during Activities Weeks or even during/as Work Experience.  I am always flexible to help you offer such options.

Please contact me to discuss how we can deliver this exciting option in your School / College.

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